Useful Links

Cell UK Ministries

A national body supporting Cell Church in the UK and beyond. They provide resources including training conferences, books, downloadable materials, and general information.

Touch Ministries USA

A major Cell Church resource for North America. Provides similar resources to Cell UK. The home site of Cell Church pioneer Ralph Neighbour.

Joel Comisky Resources

Resources for the worldwide Cell Church Movement from prolific Cell Church researcher, author and pastor, Joel Comiskey. Includes resources in Spanish.

Cloud and Townsend Resources

Resource site of Christian psychologists Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend. Not specific to Cell Church, but brilliant resources promoting spiritual and emotional growth and healing. Strong emphasis on small groups.

Bible Gateway

Instant access to many Bible translations on your computer or other web-enabled device. Perfect for evangelism - anyone can access Bible references easily without owning a Bible - just type in the reference you want to find.

Examples of Current Cell Churches - For Your Inspiration

St Marys Ashton-on-Mersey, UK

St. Mary's Ashton-on-Mersey is an Anglican (Church of England) cell church in Manchester, UK. They have two separate congregations in two places, and operate cell groups in them both.

KingsGate Community Church, UK

KingsGate Community Church is a large cell church based in Peterborough, UK. Today, it has four separate congregations meeting in different locations: Peterborough, Cambridge, Leicester, and London.

Faith Community Baptist Church, Singapore

Faith Community Baptist Church, Singapore is one of the flagship churches of the international Cell Church movement. It became a Cell Church in the mid-1980s under the guidance of Cell Church pioneer Ralph Neighbour, and the leadership of Pastor Lawrence Khong. This church has become a regional mega-church, extending its influence within the nation of Singapore, and more widely across the region of Asia.

International Charismatic Mission, Colombia

Another international flagship Cell Church and originator of the 'Groups of Twelve' cell church model. Started by Pastor Cesar Castellanos in 1983, the church now boasts over 200,000 members and has become part of a global network.

Dove International

Dove International is a network of churches and ministries spread across the world. Its roots are in Cell Church, small groups and house churches, and it encourages diverse approaches to ministry. Cell Churches form an important part of this network.

Saddleback Church, USA

A mega-church founded by Rick and Kay Warren. Strictly-speaking, this is not a Cell Church. However, with its major emphasis on small groups, systematic discipleship training, and evangelism, its ethos is very much in harmony with the Cell Church approach. In addition to providing an inspiring example, you will also find a wealth of useful ideas and resources. Rick Warren is widely known for his books, The Purpose Driven Life and The Purpose Driven Church, both of which we wholeheartedly recommend!

Living Hope Ministries
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