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The training videos in this section have been graciously provided through a collaboration between Pastor Paul Davidson, who has used Living Hope materials to train Cell Leaders in a number of churches, and Andy Powell of Beth Shan International Church in Manchester, UK. Andy has provided technical production of the videos, and hosted them on his YouTube channel, prayerintheparks.

The videos are provided in the hope that you may find them useful. There is a mixture of shorter clips that simply go through the training materials, and longer videos that provide additional inspirational content. Use the video run-times to distinguish between the types. Some videos have multiple entries with the same header: the videos are all different; just choose the ones that best suit your purpose.

As the videos were originally made for a training course run in Levenshulme, Manchester, they refer to pages in a training booklet compiled for that course. The booklet itself is not available, but all materials referred to in the videos can be found on this website. The document "Index to Cell Training Booklet", below, references each page of the booklet to the corresponding document on this site.

Index to Cell Training Booklet

Numbers in brackets, below, are the video run time (hours:minutes:seconds).

Cell Leader Training - Equipping Track

E8 Leading A Cell Group

Introduction to New Covenant Church Cell Leader Training Course (2:28)

Introduction to Cell Leader Training Course, Levenshulme (2:10)

E8.1 Our Vision - Part 1 (7:25)

E8.1 Our Vision - Part 1 (6:25)

E8.1 Our Vision - Part 2 Who Should be a Cell Leader? (19:01)

E8.1 Our Vision (1:10:14)

E8.2 Activities of Effective Cell Leaders (10:25)

E8.2 Activities of Effective Cell Leaders (54:42)

E8.3 Leading a Cell Meeting (7:23)

E8.3 Leading a Cell Meeting (7:37)

E8.3 Leading a Cell Meeting (40:17)

E8.4 Leading the Welcome Time (7:01)

E8.4 Leading the Welcome Time (31:54)

E8.4, E8.5 Leading the Welcome and Worship Times (50:52)

E8.5 Leading the Worship Time (5:18)

E8.6 Leading the Word Time (10:29)

E8.6, E8.7 Leading Word and Ministry (29:44)

E8.7 Leading the Ministry Time (5:17)

E8.8 Leading the Witness-Works Time (5:31)

E8.8 Leading the Witness-Works Time (35:23)

E8.9 Cell Lifecycle - Dealing with Conflict (42:50)

E8.10 Equipping Cell Members (6:35)

E8.10 Equipping Cell Members (49:54)

E8.11 Shepherding the Flock (8:28)

E8.11 Shepherding the Flock (colour) (8:28)

E8.11 Shepherding the Flock (34:54)

E8.12 Helping Members to Grow (16:15)

E8.12 Helping Members Grow (49:55)

E8.13 Cell Based Evangelism (22:52)

E8.13 Leading Cell Group Evangelism (26:29)

E8.14 Multiplying Leaders (6:39)

E8.14, E8.15 Multiplying Leaders & Groups (1:06:48)

E8.15 Multiplying Your Group (6:44)

E8.x1 Essential Reading (4:01)

E8.x2 Equipping Track Matrix (3:04)

E8.x3 Personal Growth Review (14:16)

E9 Coaching Cell Group Leaders

E9.1 The Coaching System (7:52)

E9.2 Good Coaching Practices (12:23)

E9.3 Developing as a Coach (8:35)

E9.x1 Cell Coach - Email Report Guide (1:47)

Additional Materials

Paul Davidson Cell Church Assessment Quiz (17:54)

Paul Davidson Cell Church Leaders Training Course Review Special (28:33)

Operational Cell Church Materials (8:35)

A Brand New Life (4:43)

Welcome to Cell Group - Leaflet (9:48)

An Introduction for Senior Leaders (20:07)

Introducing Cell Church for Church Members (5:48)

Implementing a Cell Church Vision (1:43)

Cell Leader Group-Training Course

Introduction to Cell Church training course (3:20)

Session 1 Our Vision Part 1 (5:22)

Session 2 Our Vision Part 2 (5:10)

Session 3 Effective Leadership (5:55)

Session 4 Welcome and Worship (5:19)

Session 5 Word and Ministry (5:17)

Session 6 Witness/Works (5:41)

Session 7 Dealing with Conflict (7:36)

Session 8 Equipping Members (6:02)

Session 9 Shepherding the Flock (6:44)

Session 10 Helping Members Grow (7:57)

Session 11 Cell Group Evangelism (7:14)

Session 12 Multiplying Leaders and Groups (7:11)

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