Cell Group Studies

The Cell Group Application Studies offered on this page are intended to provide some useful options for churches actively operating cell groups. While they could also be used in traditional home groups and Bible Study groups, they are specifically designed to be used in a cell group setting alongside an icebreaker, worship, and witness sections. Their intended focus is on the application of the Word of God to daily living. Most series' provide just the study part of a cell meeting, but in a few cases we have provided suggestions for the icebreaker, worship and witness sections to complement the study material.

Click on a study header to download the study as a zipped archive file. To open the Zip file, simply right-click and choose the Extract option. If you can't open the zip file on your device, try installing a utility like Winzip - this is available even on iphone.

The Life Application Study Preparation Guide gives tips for creating your own studies. And the Cell Leader Training course provides a framework for training new cell leaders using a small-group setting. A series of videos that teach the content of this course are also available.

Life Application Study - Preparation Guide

A guideline to help you prepare regular, high quality Life Application Studies for your small group. Designed as a resource for ordinary Christians who have to juggle leading a cell group with all the other demands of work and family life.

Cell Leader Training Course

A series of 12 group-based sessions designed for training new cell group leaders. Includes notes for the Trainer. Uses the Leading A Cell Group equipping track modules as training handouts. Designed to give trainees actual experience leading elements of a cell meeting.


A series of 6 studies. Foundational topics for cell groups: Building on a firm foundation; Jesus - Author and Perfecter; Members of one body; Serve one another in love; Going on to maturity; Fishers of men.

Christian Relationships

A series of 6 studies. Selected topics on relationships between believers: True fellowship; Love one another; Encourage one another; Serve one another; Growing together; Resolving conflicts.


A series of 16 studies, including suggestions for icebreaker, worship and witness. A chapter-by-chapter study of Mark's Gospel, intended as an introduction to Jesus and the gospel for new Christians and seeking unbelievers.

To Live is Christ

A series of 15 studies, including suggestions for icebreaker, worship and witness. How to live the life of Christ, overcome sin, and use your gifts for fruitful service in God's kingdom.


A series of 5 studies, each covering one complete chapter of the book of James. Includes icebreaker, worship and witness suggestions. James is a book of practical wisdom, and these studies aim to help your group apply these lessons to daily life.

Spiritual Discovery Series

A series of 12 studies in John's Gospel designed for use with seeking unbelievers. The sessions use a modified cell group format that is explained in the notes for Session 1.


A series of 6 studies in the book of Ephesians. Includes icebreaker, worship and witness suggestions. Also includes some additional notes for the study leader.

1 Peter

A series of 5 studies in 1 Peter. Includes suggestions for icebreaker, worship and witness.

1-3 John

A series of 7 studies in the 3 letters of John (1 John, 2 John and 3 John). Icebreaker, worship and witness included. Also includes notes for the study leader.

Purpose Driven Life

A series of 42 studies in 6 sections (7 studies each) based on Rick Warren's popular book, The Purpose Driven Life. Probably best used one section at a time with breaks in between. The whole series follows a logical sequence, and forms a comprehensive basic discipleship training programme. We highly recommend reading the book in addition to using these notes, especially for leaders.

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Page updated: 17 Jun 2019